02 July 2009

Paranoia of a drowsy mind

Sarah was waiting for her clients at the recording-studio. It’s a well-known fact that rock-stars tend to be bizarre and always arrive late, but half an hour was too much. Anyway, it was still worth it. Working as a manager of a world-wide famous band at the age of 24 was a tremendous success itself, so Sarah was more than content. And after the long working day, there was positively going to be one of those mind-blowing parties that only that type of stars are capable of organizing. And she was their manager, never thought she would be able to say “I personally know the entire band – they’re great guys!” Always made her friends go green with envy. Her life seemed to be perfectly organized and everything was going exactly according to her pre-determined plan.
At that very same after-work party she met Monica – the pushy producer of the hottest, reaching this season’s highest ratings reality. One of the many that the TV was puking at the viewers’ face. Beautiful, tanned, skinny, famous people or ready-to-do-everything starlets put on a tropic island and overwhelmed with supposed-to-be funny missions. “You definitely have to come and take part. It’s gonna be fabulous” Normally Sarah would have laughed at her face. She didn’t watch TV and had never liked this type of programs. And obviously wasn’t the stereotype hotty, seeking desperately her 15 minutes prime-time fame.
But on that particular night, for the Long-islands she had been cheerfully swallowing or for that typical curiosity of her, Sarah said yes. She felt she needed some change. And she knew exactly where to get it from. After all, life was much more, she thought.
Next week everything was set and ready to go. Sarah arrived at the production set. She had to meet the others and shoot her arrival scene.
Not surprisingly she won her first mission – after all she had always succeeded in everything she had been doing. Sometimes she even thought that probably she was getting from life what needed and wanted way too easy.
At the celebration of her victory, Sarah felt more than satisfied from the experience she was gaining. “I love my life. Today I take part in a reality, but who knows what expects me in a few days. I think that’s something we should definitely drink to! Cheers, guys!”
After turning a few shots with their bottoms up, Sarah took a wrong left on her way to the apartment she was staying in. There she bumped into a woman from the production cast.

Woman: “Did you lose your way, darling? You should turn back and take a right. But you know what - you didn’t get your award for winning the competition today!”
Sarah: “Award? What award?”
Woman: “Well, honey, you know that by winning you should get an award, right? Yours is to get pregnant. Only if you want it, of course. What would you say?”

Sarah was confused. Pregnant? But how? By whom? And why would she want to get pregnant. Her plan wasn’t involving children for at least other five years. Men, for sure, but no commitment. It was too much, she would normally say. But then she felt it again. That seductive need to try the new and unexplored. She could almost feel the baby, already growing inside of her. And after all it was an award – not something she could easily turn back.
The woman took her to this strange place backstage. Felt more like a lab. An older man in a white overall greeted them. “We have to prepare you for the artificial insemination.” He took them to a little pool, looking a lot like a toilet seat, and threw inside a bucket of a transparent liquid. The liquid started spinning, transforming itself into a ticker white substance. “Don’t worry, we are not going to put everything into you, it’s gonna shrink to a more adequate amount”, he explained. “Look, it’s happening, pay close attention”. She bended to take a closer look at the liquid as from their excitement something magical was supposed to be happening. The liquid started bumping up, slowly transforming itself into a strange longish balloon. One “pop” and a lot of little growths appeared. “I’ve always thought they’re not to be seen with an unarmed eye”, Sarah was amused. This was definitely some interesting new experience.
They placed the balloon on a table at the lab and it transformed into a strange chain.

Man: “It’s the DNA to be inserted into you to make the baby”
Sarah: “But here it seems that the chain is broken. Are you sure everything is ok?”
Man: “Well, nowadays we test everything. This one is a little older, though, so we cannot be absolutely sure. We only get to hope that everything is going to be fine”.

Sarah was smoking her cigarette and looking at the broken DNA chain. Is it worth it? Where’s the line between experiencing the unexplored and making a mistake? Doesn’t the first one often inevitably include the second one? And how far are we ready to go in order to feel something new? When to stop before it’s too late? If too late even exists…

A door bell rang. “Did I wake you up? Sorry, love. Go get dressed, cause we need to go to the library…”


  1. que la vida es un sueño y los sueños, sueños son...

  2. God bless Google translator:P and good luck to those dreaming...Целувки

  3. Galya8.7.09

    I love short stories :)

  4. Hope you've enjoyed this one as well - should have been shorter, but anyway:) Kisses