18 November 2012

The bushfire and the eucalyptus tree

Did you know that the eucalyptus trees encourage the fire that burns them? With the flammable oil in their leaves, their fire-resistant bark and seeds that need heat to spread and start growing new trees. They crave the fire with their existence.

They need it to come, burn through their densely planted forest and remove the unneeded. Get rid of the waste and the competition of others. So that they can start clean.

They need the devastation of the flames and they cause it on their own. Because it’s cleansing, vital, refreshing.

It makes them grow stronger and taller. And they may seem dead from the outside, when burned to ashes, but they are not.

As it’s only a matter of time before they start to recover and grow again. Replacing the blackness of the burned with their new green leaves.

Until no one can tell that there has been a fire. It’s only them who know that you’ve been.

17 March 2010

The mixed media girls

her eyes are made of sugar clouds, her smile is slices of banana
she goes with her head raised high, making all turn around just being so seductive

she works it hard during day, being the boss with steady hand
then soft and gentle in the evening, she kisses sweet her only man

when no one’s watching, she’d make it right
then ask for help when he’s around, to make him feel a better man

she is the mother and the little daughter, the younger sister and the helping friend
she is the lover and the supporter, the pure grace dressed for a business day

but who is she and how she does it?
just let me briefly introduce her

a product of a mixed up world
they call her simply woman

Visualization from The Mixed Media Girls Project by Nikki Farquharson

10 February 2010

The fight of a lifetime

Person: Don’t look at me! I said don’t even look at me! You think it’s funny? Stop laughing!
Enemy: (silence)
Person: You can’t imagine what I’ve been through. You can’t imagine how hard I’ve been working to achieve this. And now you want to take it away from me? I can’t let that happen! I won’t let that happen… would I? Why don’t you say something?
Enemy: (silence)
Person: Oh, so you’re just going to throw it at my face like that, without even saying anything? Stop laughing!
Enemy: (Silence)
Person: You are killing me, you know! And I don’t get it – we’ve been fighting forever, couldn’t we just cut it off?
Enemy: (silence)
Person: This time, I was sure I won the war. I was so brave, so strong; I thought I’ve beaten you…Why couldn’t you just let me win once and forever?
Enemy: (silence)
Person: I guess it was just another battle victory, but not the end of the story. I am tired, you know? And even though that is terror in my eyes, as I feel that my success is slipping away right through my fingers, I must keep fighting. For everything that I want, for everything that I think of, for everything that holds me together…
Enemy: (silence)
Person: Ok, I have to admit that sometimes I may be thinking about giving up. Can you blame me for that? I hope that I won't do it, though. I need to keep fighting, as I can’t forget the feeling that my success gives me – being more confident, feeling good with myself – is it so much to ask for?!
Enemy: (silence)
Person: You are driving me crazy! I can’t stand you! I am going to make you shut up next time, I swear! And the fighting will be over once and for all!
Enemy: (silence)
Sarah: Ok, then! See you tomorrow!
The scales: (silence)

So what about you?

25 January 2010

Wish me good luck, cause I'll need it

for you, because ci lascera' vicini anche' se lontani...or at least i hope so...wish us good luck

20 January 2010

Let's go with stupid!

let's live the dreams and have the balls
to go and take, and search and dig,
stick to the ideas, then ask and never stop,
and listen to the heart, keep saying "yes",
to get a story, if even fail, but have it tried,
and thus created, which means succeeded...
i go with stupid, i go with living!
long live the stupid, let's go for it...

19 January 2010

This week Economist's debate asks for an opinion about the motion: "Women in the developed world have never had it so good"

I read the positions of the two sides. And I would have supported the statement, had it been formulated in a different way.

Because it is true that women have achieved a lot in the past few decades. It is true, that, believe it or not, we can vote and decide when and whether to give birth, as we “got the pill”. We should probably be also so grateful for the “relatively easy divorces” (although I believe they could be quite a relief for both sides). Thanks a lot for the retail therapy and the pedicures, as who might imagine women surviving without them.

Still, what we do not have yet is "having it so good".

It all depends on the point of view, I suppose. Observing the motion from the position that we are not getting hit with bats and dragged into the caves anymore, might make it seem more than a nice time to live in. But does it make it “so good”? The answer is “no”. Women have made quite a progress, but there is still a long way to go, before getting and having it “SOOO GOOOD”…or at least “AS GOOD AS MEN HAVE IT”.

For more information and the possibility to vote and comment, visit the debate's web page.

04 November 2009

Can you notice the creativity?

„Invisible“ landmine-stickers on the floor, which stuck to peoples' feet, with picture of a landmine on the bottom side, saying : "In many other countries you would not be mutilated! Help the victims of landmines!"

Hats off to Leo Burnett, Frankfurt, Germany

19 October 2009

Seraphina's dress

And so she entered into the store. She has been waiting to find it and be able to get in for such a long time. Her excitement was obvious. Every piece in the store was new, all the clothes were fashionable and interesting. She started looking around, hoping to finally find her dream dress. In the begging she couldn’t find anything. The models were nice, but nothing extraordinary. Until she reached the sixth floor. She saw it and she immediately knew. It was perfect, just the way she had always imagined it – beautiful, stylish, made from the perfect high-quality material.
She went straight to it. She touched it and a slight smile went through her face. She had deserved it. For such a long time she had been looking for a suitable, nice dress that would fit her high standards, without being too overwhelming. She wanted it and needed it to suit all occasions – from the casual everyday life up to the posh events she was attending. It wasn’t an easy task for one dress to fulfill. This explained her huge excitement.
She was just grabbing it, when she saw it. The name tag was hanging from it as a dead sentence. Seraphina…So it was reserved. Or even worse – it was custom made for another girl. Her dream dress was already taken.
The store consultant came. She asked whether she could at least try it on. “But, it is already taken. Even if you try it on and it fits you well, you wouldn’t be able to take it home. Are you sure about it? Why don’t you simply look for another one. We offer such a variety of clothing.”
But she insisted. After all it was her dream dress – she was obliged at least to try it on – even it was just for a brief moment. Even if she had to live afterwards with the thought that it belonged to someone else. Even when she realized, it would be much more difficult to go ahead and search for another dress, knowing that some other girl is wearing hers in the very same moment.
The store consultant finally got convinced by her insistence – she was determined at least to try it on once. She let her take it to the dressing rooms.
And so she took it slowly off the hanger. She started putting it on with no hurry, because she wanted to sense the touch of it, to remember the smell of it and how it felt to have it on her skin, all over her. She looked herself into the mirror. And felt in love with it, as it was perfect. She would never forget it – the moment of true ecstasy, when she was staying with her dream dress, perfectly fitting her, all alone in the privacy of the dressing room. It felt like her dress, for a moment she was convinced there was no other way, but to be hers and hers only. There was no time, there was no space, no Seraphina…Only her and her dream dress, that she had wished for so desperately.
The voice of the consultant took her out of her delirium. It was time to go. The store was closing. She knew from the begging it would never be her dress. And she tried it on with the clear awareness she would have to leave it behind.
She went out, letting the sliding doors of the closing store to separate them forever. She went home, with the only wish to stop thinking of it and to be able not to compare every other piece of clothing she would find on her way with it. But it was inevitable. And she knew it. There was some time to pass before she could forget the touch of the silk on her skin, before she could find another model so perfectly fitting her and her expectations. But she had no other choice, as the dressed belonged to someone else.
“I can’t understand women like her”, the consultant said to one of her colleagues, after they closed the store. “They seem to like a certain dress so much, but it has always made me think – Do they actually like the dress that much or is it just the fact, it’s someone else’s that makes them want it so badly?”

26 September 2009

The Princess and the Witch of Time and Distance

Once upon a time there was a very curious princess that lived in a land far, far away. The princess had all she needed in her magic castle. Everything in her life was beautiful, luxurious and always at her disposal. The princess was living a happy and pleasant life. But as curious as she was, she started feeling really bored. So one day, she decided to make a journey to another kingdom. She packed some of her most important possessions and went off to her exciting trip.

The way to other kingdom was long and tiresome, but the princess was determined to find the adventure she was seeking.

On the first day she arrived in a little village. On the central square there was a huge crowd. The princess went closer to see what all the people were looking at. In the middle of the crowd she saw a huge beautiful fire, lighted by a man nearby. The princess remained fascinated by the passion of the fire, its warmth on her cheeks and the feeling of security she sensed.

- Who is this man? – the princess asked one older woman next to her.
- This is the Lord of the Fire – the woman responded – He is the most respected man in the village, as he gives light and heat to all of us.

The princess felt a strong need to go and greet him. She made her way to the man and its huge fire and introduced herself. She explained to the Lord of the Fire the idea of her journey and also expressed her admiration of his work.

- I haven’t felt such passionate warmth in a really long time – she said to him.

As a sign of a good will, he decided to give her a special present.

- This is a glass vessel with little of my fire – he explained – I am giving it to you as a special gift, so you could always feel the passionate heat and the security of the fire.
- Thank you, Lord of the Fire – the princess said – I would never forget you and your fire and I would always carry your present with me to keep me warm and safe in time of need.

The princess continued her way through the village. On one of the streets she saw a Street Musician with a guitar. He was playing a beautiful, strange song. The princess was immediately fascinated by the cheerful, unfamiliar melody. She felt huge inspiration and so she started laughing and dancing around him at the rhythm of the music.

- Oh you, Street Musician, your music is so magical. I haven’t felt so alive in a really long time - the princess said.
- Then I would give you this music box as a present – responded the Street Musician – with its help you would be able to have fun and inspiration every time when you open the box.
- Thank you, very much! I would never forget you and your inspirational music – the princess said, taking the box out of his the hands.

She continued her journey and soon saw a big blue river. In the river there was a Fisherman, busy with his work. The princess went closer to the Fisherman as she felt really fascinated by his fishing skills. He was managing to take so much fish out of the river in such a short time.

- Your work seems really hard - the princess said to the Fisherman – I wish I also had your skills and was also able to take so much fish out of the river!
- Then I will show you how to angle and will give you this magical fishing rod, so you would be able to angle fish on your own.
- You are so kind, Fisherman! I am so grateful for your lesson and your fishing rod! I would never forget you and the fishes you take from the river!

The princess felt so happy about the people she had met and the presents she had received. Now she had with her the warmth of the passionate fire, locked in the glass vessel, the inspiration of the artistic cheerful melody, brought by the music box and the fishing rod that gave her the opportunity to angle fishes every time she wanted.

The princess decided it is time to go back home. On her way back she saw an old woman. She was barely walking and seemed to be in huge pain. The princess felt bad for the poor old woman.

- Who are you, old woman, and what are you doing here? – the princess asked with mercy in her voice.
- I am the Lady of Time and Distance – answered the old woman – I travel homeless around the world, as I am not allowed to settle down at one place.
- But this sounds awful! I cannot imagine a worst destiny then yours – said thoroughly moved the princess – Could I at least help you in some way?
- Thank you, my child! I am really cold and hungry, so I would be grateful if you could give me something warm and something to eat.

The princess took out her presents and offered the glass vessel with the warm fire and the fishing rod to the old woman.

- Take this, Lady of Time and Distance. These two objects will give you warmth and food.
- And what is this, my child? – asked the old woman.
- This is a music box – answered the princess – Would you like to listen to some cheerful music?
- Yes, my child, thank you very much. I would love to listen to some music – the old lady answered.

She took all the magic objects from the hands of the princess. In this very moment the old lady transformed herself into a young beautiful tall woman. She started laughing cruelly.

- How could you be so stupid, you little princess! You gave me your most valuable possessions and you thought that I would give them back to you?! You would never see them again!

The cruel woman suddenly disappeared, surrounded by a green smoke.
One man was walking on the same road, so he became a witness of the theft. He came closer to the princess to try to console her. But the princess wasn’t miserable. She smiled kindly at the face of the man.

- But how could you be calm and not upset. The evil Witch of Time and Distance just stole the most valuable things you owned – expressed the man his surprise.
- You are wrong, kind man. The Witch took the objects that I owned, but they are not the most valuable things that I posses. I will always feel the passionate warmth from the fire on my face, I would always get inspired by the artistic cheerful music, as I know the melody by heart and I would never forget the Fisherman’s lessons and the skills he taught me. The Witch of Time and Distance didn’t steal anything from me, as I will always bring the Lord of the Fire, the Street Musician and the Fisherman with me safe in my heart.

25 September 2009

Can you smell the creativity?

"Axe Day&Night. One is suitable for general audiences. The other one is not."
A message send after 9 pm reveals the missing parts, not sutable for the general audiences

"Axe Day&Night. One is suitable for general audiences. The other one is not."
A poster modified with a light panel shows the unsutable for the general audiences parts during the night

"Rexona Women Naturals"

"Protection + Incredible Fragrances. New Rexona Women Fragrance Collection"
Outdoor advertising, inviting women attracted to the fragrance expelled by the poster to remove a sample and keep it - slips of paper replaced weekly

Smelling the creativity 10x to Lowe Ginkgo, Uruguay