17 March 2010

The mixed media girls

her eyes are made of sugar clouds, her smile is slices of banana
she goes with her head raised high, making all turn around just being so seductive

she works it hard during day, being the boss with steady hand
then soft and gentle in the evening, she kisses sweet her only man

when no one’s watching, she’d make it right
then ask for help when he’s around, to make him feel a better man

she is the mother and the little daughter, the younger sister and the helping friend
she is the lover and the supporter, the pure grace dressed for a business day

but who is she and how she does it?
just let me briefly introduce her

a product of a mixed up world
they call her simply woman

Visualization from The Mixed Media Girls Project by Nikki Farquharson

10 February 2010

The fight of a lifetime

Person: Don’t look at me! I said don’t even look at me! You think it’s funny? Stop laughing!
Enemy: (silence)
Person: You can’t imagine what I’ve been through. You can’t imagine how hard I’ve been working to achieve this. And now you want to take it away from me? I can’t let that happen! I won’t let that happen… would I? Why don’t you say something?
Enemy: (silence)
Person: Oh, so you’re just going to throw it at my face like that, without even saying anything? Stop laughing!
Enemy: (Silence)
Person: You are killing me, you know! And I don’t get it – we’ve been fighting forever, couldn’t we just cut it off?
Enemy: (silence)
Person: This time, I was sure I won the war. I was so brave, so strong; I thought I’ve beaten you…Why couldn’t you just let me win once and forever?
Enemy: (silence)
Person: I guess it was just another battle victory, but not the end of the story. I am tired, you know? And even though that is terror in my eyes, as I feel that my success is slipping away right through my fingers, I must keep fighting. For everything that I want, for everything that I think of, for everything that holds me together…
Enemy: (silence)
Person: Ok, I have to admit that sometimes I may be thinking about giving up. Can you blame me for that? I hope that I won't do it, though. I need to keep fighting, as I can’t forget the feeling that my success gives me – being more confident, feeling good with myself – is it so much to ask for?!
Enemy: (silence)
Person: You are driving me crazy! I can’t stand you! I am going to make you shut up next time, I swear! And the fighting will be over once and for all!
Enemy: (silence)
Sarah: Ok, then! See you tomorrow!
The scales: (silence)

So what about you?

25 January 2010

Wish me good luck, cause I'll need it

for you, because ci lascera' vicini anche' se lontani...or at least i hope so...wish us good luck

20 January 2010

Let's go with stupid!

let's live the dreams and have the balls
to go and take, and search and dig,
stick to the ideas, then ask and never stop,
and listen to the heart, keep saying "yes",
to get a story, if even fail, but have it tried,
and thus created, which means succeeded...
i go with stupid, i go with living!
long live the stupid, let's go for it...

19 January 2010

This week Economist's debate asks for an opinion about the motion: "Women in the developed world have never had it so good"

I read the positions of the two sides. And I would have supported the statement, had it been formulated in a different way.

Because it is true that women have achieved a lot in the past few decades. It is true, that, believe it or not, we can vote and decide when and whether to give birth, as we “got the pill”. We should probably be also so grateful for the “relatively easy divorces” (although I believe they could be quite a relief for both sides). Thanks a lot for the retail therapy and the pedicures, as who might imagine women surviving without them.

Still, what we do not have yet is "having it so good".

It all depends on the point of view, I suppose. Observing the motion from the position that we are not getting hit with bats and dragged into the caves anymore, might make it seem more than a nice time to live in. But does it make it “so good”? The answer is “no”. Women have made quite a progress, but there is still a long way to go, before getting and having it “SOOO GOOOD”…or at least “AS GOOD AS MEN HAVE IT”.

For more information and the possibility to vote and comment, visit the debate's web page.