19 January 2010

This week Economist's debate asks for an opinion about the motion: "Women in the developed world have never had it so good"

I read the positions of the two sides. And I would have supported the statement, had it been formulated in a different way.

Because it is true that women have achieved a lot in the past few decades. It is true, that, believe it or not, we can vote and decide when and whether to give birth, as we “got the pill”. We should probably be also so grateful for the “relatively easy divorces” (although I believe they could be quite a relief for both sides). Thanks a lot for the retail therapy and the pedicures, as who might imagine women surviving without them.

Still, what we do not have yet is "having it so good".

It all depends on the point of view, I suppose. Observing the motion from the position that we are not getting hit with bats and dragged into the caves anymore, might make it seem more than a nice time to live in. But does it make it “so good”? The answer is “no”. Women have made quite a progress, but there is still a long way to go, before getting and having it “SOOO GOOOD”…or at least “AS GOOD AS MEN HAVE IT”.

For more information and the possibility to vote and comment, visit the debate's web page.

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