07 June 2009

Building bridges

There's a big, a big calm ocean
With me and you, two islands in an endless sea
When I saw you into the blue, I sensed the urge to cut the distance
I started building a big strong bridge to get to you, so I could really know you
Apparently u didn’t feel like building bridges, instead you left me fall into the deep
I had to swim to get myself closer, I knew it would have been so hard, but couldn’t quit
I gave my best, I never stopped and out of breath, but deeply thrilled, I managed to arrive
But only then I was to realize that all I had, I’d left behind, I had to turn right back to my land
From that day on, you’d make me swim it, swim back and forth this way between us…………
Consistently demanding more, you’d never leave your own safe island, as I kept doing
The time passed by, I’ve realized, I have to stop or I will drown – why shall I risk it
I feel exhausted from the swimming, there’s only one thing left for me to do
I’m turning back to my own land, allowed to be the person I once knew
I say goodbye, I won’t return, cause only then I shall feel free
But I am calm as now I know that building bridges
Is something to be done by you and me


  1. veronica8.6.09

    Eeee bravo na liubimata mi Martinka:) Nikoga ne sym se symnqvala, 4e krie6 dylboka mydrost, koqto 4aka da byde spodelena:*

  2. dilyana8.6.09

    amazing as an angel's aroma :)

  3. Eh kakvi mili pyrvi komentari:)podobav6to laskatelni ot bylgarskata strana:) mn blagodarq:) pra6tam vi italianski celuvki:-*

  4. Anonymous8.6.09

    Proud to have a 88% compatibility with u, M. in Our Wildest Dreams quiz ;-)
    Keep up with this outstanding job (bow)


  5. Mersi, Galya:) Nie s teb imame visok procent syvmestimost po mn temi, ne samo wildest dreams:) Radvam se, 4e ti haresva blogut:) Ne znam dali si spomnq6 predi da zamina kak mi kaza, 4e trqbva da vzema da si napravq i az edin v Italia. S izvestno zakysnenie, no te poslu6ah:) 10x

  6. non è facile per me capire tutti sensi in inglese... ma capire i comentti è già direttamente impossibile... merda!

    italianski celuvki!!?

  7. celuvki = baci
    italianski = italiani

    per i sensi, giasai' che ci sono cosi tanti, ma tanti:D quindi non e' un problema della lingua, ma delle isotopie figurative di una testa bionda:P

    P.S. amore, non si pou bestemmiare nel blog di una pricipessa :D Addirittura...:-*