01 June 2009

Yoga for a healthier internet connection - Beginner's level

Suitable for all desparate Erasmus students on the search of internet in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Level's description:
basic yoga exercises for a load of light html sites, news portals, search machines.

Instructions: select the site you would like to visit, take the pose shown, hold until the site is completely loaded. Perform the same steps for the next site. Start with 3 sites a day, gradually increasing the number up to 10. Remember to synchronize your breathing with the internet connection speed.

N.B. To be performed only after a warm-up and at own responsibility.

1. Pose "Only way to check your e-mail":

2. Pose "Unique possibility to get informed about what's happening outside of Reggio":

Persistancy is the key to the success! Keep walking! Ommm...


  1. enorme, principessa!
    grande l'umore e grande la demostrazione di forza con il photoshop.

  2. Con un insegnante cosi bravo i resultati arrivano da soli:) Adesso aspettiamo le lezioni dal livello due per tutti i due - la yoga e il photoshop:D

  3. veronica8.6.09

    Ehhhh, zabavna kakto vinagi:))) Ne znae6 kak mi podobrqva6 nastroenieto prosto... Iskam prodyljenie na "yoga for"!!!

  4. e kak - kursyt e v tri niva, taka 4e sled beginner's i advanced, sledva expert...naprejenieto narastva zna4itelno:D:D:D